How To Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader Without Waiting

Today’s tutorial will teach you how to unlock Xiaomi bootloader easily.

Before unlocking the bootloader, we need to know about it. Well, you can simply imagine or compare the bootloader with the bios menu of your Windows.

Remember a bios panel comes when you try to set up your Windows. Now think for an Android device.

Android is a Linux based Operating System that needs a fundamental platform where it will be operated. A bootloader is a fundamental platform for your mobile device.

Normally manufacturer wants to keep your device’s bootloader locked for some security reasons and to control your administration panel.

But today you will learn how you can unlock it for your Xiaomi device and you can get a lot of advantages from your smartphone.

Read Before Unlock

  • It is such a process where you will erase your all data.
  • When you are taking control over your administration panel by unlocking the bootloader, you have to think about the security of your data.
  • Your phone may be dead while unlocking if you do not follow the steps properly.
  • It may void your mobile warranty.
  • I have always suggested that check twice before using any 3rd party app on your device.


  • You will need a PC or Mac and USB cable.
  • Charge your phone up to 70% for not having any interruption during unlocking.
  • Copy your data in a safer place (SD card) or you can also use different app like MI Cloud.
  • Enable your USB debugging option to unlock OEM (Setting> About phone> Build numbers, tap again and again until it shows “You are now a developer”. Now you will find a new option in the setting called developer option. Go through it to enable USB debugging.) option.

How To Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader

If you manage to gain all requirements then you are ready to Xiaomi bootloader unlock process. You just need to follow some steps given below,

  1. Download “miflash_unlock-en-xx.xx.xx” in your PC from here.
  2. Now go to Setting> Additional setting> Developer> Mi Unlocking Status and tap on ‘add account’ and add your MI account there. You may need here mobile data or WiFi to add your account.
  3. After adding your MI account, turn off your phone and open Fastboot (Press Power Button+Volume Button together) mode. And connect your MI smartphone with your PC through your USB cable.
  4. Now open “mflash_unlock.exe” from your Windows PC. It should be into the folder named “miflash_unlock-en-xx.xx.xx” which you downloaded in step 1.
  5. You will see a panel or form where you will find an option to log in MI account. Log in to your MI account (which is already connected in your phone) from your PC.
  6. The tool will show you that your phone is connected.
  7. I assume your device is connected with your computer. Then you will see an unlock option on your computer. Click there and agree if ask for any confirmation.

If you follow all the steps (unlock Xiaomi bootloader) carefully then you should successfully unlock it. There is a small chances that the software shows that ‘Try after 720/360/168/72 hours”.

If it shows then try after that particular time.

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