How To Root LG Stylo 4 Smartphone Without PC

After reading this below tutorial, you will learn exactly how to root LG Stylo 4 smartphone.

Rooting is a powerful weapon to get the full power of the administration of any mobile device or tablet. The Android operating system uses the Linux kernel and rooting an Android allows the administrative control of Linux.

It removes the limitation given by the LG manufacturer company and the user can do any modification with his phone.

Read Before Root

  • Rooting your LG phone may void your warranty.
  • It may compromise the security of your data.
  • Sometimes, rooting does not allow automatic download of the updates given by the manufacturer.
  • Sometimes software may crash during rooting which may dead your phone. But don’t worry, there are very few chances of it.
  • All data may erase during rooting.
  • Before using any 3rd party app or custom ROM after rooting make sure to check about their reviews on the internet.


  • Your phone should be charged more than 70% to avoid unnecessary interruption.
  • Keep all your data copy into a safe place to keep back up of your data.
  • You need to install 3rd party APK (KingRoot or OneClickRoot) in your LG smartphone.

How To Root LG Stylo 4

You already read about the possible danger of rooting your phone. As you are looking for ways to do it that means you are going to be a superuser of your LG Stylo 4.

The root can be done in two ways,

  • Using Windows PC (Root using PC is more powerful than using 3rd party application. But it is a little harder to use and so we are not going to discuss it in this context).
  • Without using PC (It is the easiest one where we are going to use 3rd party application to simply root our phone).

Follow the steps bellowed to root your phone without using desktop or laptop.

  1. Click here to download KingRoot app from your Android mobile browser.
  2. Install it in your LG Stylo 4 device after the download has been completed. It may show some difficulty by showing a popup message, “Google installation is blocked in your device”.
  3. If you have it then skip it and enable unknown sources in your device from setting option and after that tap on the “install” option again.
  4. Now it should be installed without any more interruption.
  5. Half of the task is completed. Now open the app on your smartphone.
  6. After opening the app, tap on the ‘Try it’ buttons to enable the main function, and then tap the ‘root now’ button.
  7. The process of rooting should be started after taping. It may take 10 to 15 minutes. Keep patient and make sure that no disturbance comes during the process.
  8. After this process, your phone will be rooted.

To check your phone rooted or not, just go to the Google Play Store to download the root checker and check.


If you followed the above steps (how to root LG Stylo 4 phone) carefully, then you have rooted your device successfully. You have become a superuser now.

Now, you have the power to download any custom ROM or any 3rd party app in your device.

You can play with your operating system and download any updated UI/Android version.

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