How To Root LG Stylo 3 Smartphone Without Computer

Learn now how to root LG Stylo 3 without computer from this article.

Rooting is a common process nowadays by which one can use his phone without any restrictions.

Now the question is what are the restrictions?

Normally there are some preset limitations for a user, given by the manufacturer company.

Rooting means to overcome those limitations and have the full power of doing anything with the Android administration panel.

Read Before Root

If you are reading the content then it is clear that you have a high interest in rooting LG Stylo 3 device.

Before rooting your smartphone, some important information should be known to you.

They are,

  • Rooting your device may void your warranty.
  • Any unwanted interruption may dead your LG phone.
  • You are compromising with your phone’s security as you are breaking relationships with your manufacturing company.
  • Your all data may erase during rooting.
  • Use any 3rd party software after having a proper inspection.


  • We are not using a PC for rooting. So we will need 3rd party rooting apps like KingRoot, KingoRoot, OneClickRoot, FramaRoot, etc.
  • An Internet connection.
  • I have always recommended to charge up your phone up to 70% for not having any unwanted interruption.
  • Copy your data in a safer place (SD card or back up apps, contacts, images, etc in your Google Drive or Cloud) before rooting.
  • Try to read some reviews about which rooting app is more suitable for your LG Stylo 3 smartphone. I recommend using KingRoot or OneClickRoot.

How To Root LG Stylo 3

Ok, you have already known what is needed to root your LG Stylo 3. Now take a breath and follow the given steps,

  1. Go to your phone setting and enable the app permission to install third-party apps from unknown sources.
  2. You can direct download the KingRoot app from here or the KingoRoot app from here.
  3. Or if you want, you can also download Framaroot application on your Android device.
  4. Not be panic to see more options. Whatever you choose, it almost a similar procedure. You just need to check which app is the best for your LG Stylo 3 or LG Stylo 3 Plus phone. I will go with KingRoot as I have already seen some reviews and it shows KingRoot is a good option for this smartphone.
  5. Ok, I hope you have already installed it on your device. Now tap the app icon to open it and click ‘root’ for continuing the rooting process.
  6. It may take 5 to 15 minutes to complete the process. You don’t need to be panic if it takes more time. Just wait and wait until the process has finished.
  7. It will complete the process by showing a green tick mark.

Now you can download a root checker from the Google Play Store to cross-check whether your phone has been rooted or not.


If you successfully follow the above (how to root LG Stylo 3 phone) steps, then Congratulations.

Now you can download any 3rd party apps or custom ROM to use. And I am sure you are going to have tremendous experience with your device.

You are going to explore your device with a completely new experience.

But make sure to check and cross-check the reviews before downloading any 3rd party app or custom ROM.

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